About Us

We realised that the key to some degree of ’normality’ in this virus-wary landscape is only achievable when you give people peace of mind when it comes to contact with surfaces and touchpoints. Aside from airborne virus protection we need to feel that the things we touch every day are safe for our families, colleagues, employees and customers. Without this peace of mind, there will always be anxiety surrounding the use of one of our human senses: touch.

With this in mind, we have brought endura shield to you; a unique sanitising and disinfecting spray with one MASSIVE difference to those regularly used in the household and workplace. Surfaces treated with regular disinfectants can and do become immediately reinfected, even moments after being cleaned down.

Once applied as part of a regular cleaning regime, with endura shield, the surface will be protected from 99.9% of fungi, bacteria and viruses, including coronaviruses. Our independent lab test ASTM E2180 shows that at 10 days after application endura shield continues to kill >99.9% of viruses and bacteria giving the peace of mind we all need and eliminating the labour-intensive cleaning that regular disinfectants require.

Clearly with major benefits in the home for our families endura shield also has massive application potential across all industries including the health and care sector, transport, leisure and hospitality, education, retail and in the workplace - be it office or manufacturing.

Bringing endura shield into your daily routine will bring peace of mind to you and to those around you.